Frequent Flyer film

Frequent Flyer is a documentary about the world of frequent flyer miles and some of its most enthusiastic participants. It is shot, directed, written and edited by Gabriel Leigh. A 20-minute version of the film, available to view here, was completed in 2009 and work is currently under way on a feature-length version, funded on Kickstarter, which aims to be the definitive story of miles and points.

This isn’t simply a story about points and the dedication with which they are sought – it’s also about the state of the world in which such an industry can flourish, in which thousands of airplanes are in the air at any given time, flying us to distant continents as a matter of routine.

Frequent Flyer is intrinsic to what we do at Altimetr. It is our flagship, if you will. Watch this space for news as the feature-length project develops.